Specialised waste management company NDH-E

ISO 50001

Attachment certificated ISO 50001

An energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 is a demonstrably effective instrument for increasing the energy efficiency of companies and thus reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and, last but not least, costs.



Entsorgungsfachbetrieb Bergwerk Bleicherode und Sollstedt

The monitoring report No. 2AU-29813-141-2021 provided proof that the requirements of the EfuV have been met.
The certificate was issued on 19.11.2021 and is valid until 15.05.2023.
Certificate registration no. ZZRT002001104007

Certificate for Bleicherode and Sollstedt

Quality through education

Quality through education

In our company we are training individuals to secure the high standards of quality and security.

Credit certificate

our financial success ...

We talk about our financial success:

The CrefoZert certifies that our business conduct is impeccable and the forecast for the future is positive. This makes us one of the 2.0% of German companies that have been exclusively awarded for an exceptionally good credit rating.