The team of NDH-E

NDH-E’s team works for the proper and safe handling and utilization of your waste. They have qualified and skilled members of staff. They are proud to commit to keep a high level of quality and safety.

NDH-E Group


  • April 1, 1899 origin of NDH-E is the royal mine inspection Bleicherode
  • 1918 Conversion to the state mine inspection Bleicherode
  • 1924 Preussag takes over the potash plant Bleicherode
  • 1946 Sequestration state stock corporation for potash fertilizer factory Bleicherode
  • 1952 Conveyance in public property, publicly owned company potash plant Bleicherode
  • 1954 Conference of the name VEB potash plant “Karl Liebknecht” Bleicherode
  • 1958 New assignment VVB Potash, VEB potash plant “Karl Liebknecht” Bleicherode
  • 1970 New assignment VEB potash plant south Harz mountains, company “Karl Liebnecht in the VEB “Kombinat”
  • 1990 New assignment Potash south Harz mountain AG, company Bleicherode
  • 1993 New assignment GVV mine Bleicherode
  • 1996 Privatization NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH
  • 1997 Overtake of the potash heap Bleicherode
  • 1999 Ceremony  to celebrate 100 years mining Bleicherode
  • 2001 Anniversary of 5 years NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH
  • 2006 Anniversary of 10 years NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH
  • 2008 NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH takes over the branch Sollstedt
  • 2010 Anniversary of 15 years NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH
  • 2015 Anniversary of 20 years NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH
  • 2017 Fusion with DEUSA International GmbH
              to the subsidiary NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft

NDH-E Company 15th anniversary - 2010

A film by Alf Schneider. . . 15 years NDH-E in Bleicherode, Barbara celebrations in November.

NDH-E Company 10th anniversary - 2005

A film "10 Years of NDH-E" in Bleicherode, celebrations within the Barbara festival, November 2005 [nbsp] (news article of the then regional television station K28)