Goals, Solutions and Methods

Reduction of the saline load from the drainage ditch, Bode and Wipper, as well as reduction of the groundwater. Improvement of landscape by recultivating of slag heaps having harmful conditions for growing plants caused by nearly 80 % proportion of sodium chloride, mainly rock salts.

South side of the heap with sunflowers

By developing innovative methods, especially for “biological sealing” of old potash heaps and the precipitation run-off, and therefore, the creation of salt solution will be minimised. Coverage according to the current special operating plan.

NDH-E heap recultivation 2019

A film by Alf Schneider for the NDH Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft branch the Deusa International GmbH stockpile reclamation of heap recultivation Bleicherode. It shows the high costs and methods of ecological waste management of our waste management operations.


MDR TV Report Kalihaldenrekultivierung in danger - 2013

This post was sent in April 2013 in the MDR Thüringen Journal. He reports on the possible closure of the successful Kalihaldenbegrünung in Bleicherode. Interface design and lay exclusively in the hands of the MDR.


MDR TV article Mound or heap recultivation

The TV-article of the MDR broadcast station from June, 2006 gives you a short insight into the recultivation of the potash residual heap Bleicherode. It describes the procedure of the ecological recycling at this specialised waste management company.