Waste recycling stowing mine

The use of waste, foreign to mining, for mountain filling occurs on the basis of the long term proof of security in accordance with the principle of the complete embedding using the most modern technological methods through certified staff with extensive mountain filling experiences.
The aims of the miner's stowing are:

  • the minimising of the mining-conditioned lowering of the surface caused by mining activities
  • the protection of the underground arrangements and constructions

Waste recycling stowing mine

mountain filling

All waste types and every activity must be administered by the Thuringian state mining authority. An additional requirement is the proof of suitability of the waste types as mountain filling material.

You have waste? We use it!

Approval for the stowing of waste is granted by the Thuringian state mining authority. The Thuringian state mining authority has to approve all waste types based on the list for "suitable underground stowing materials ".

The waste types for the utilization can be slushy, powdery, humid, firm, lumpy or paste like. All needed documents, e.g., disposal proof, material analyses and origin description, are supplied.

Used as stowing materials can be mineral-
inorganic waste types, such as:
Waste types, which are excluded from the
Filter dust and slags Radioactive
Firm waste from the off- gas treatment Explosive
Old sand from foundries Penetrating smelling
Rust flaps and pert flaps Self igniting
Filter cake Infectious
Stove outbreaks Gaseous