Basis of utilization

With the sponsored pilot project Bleicherode, “Development of a procedure for recultivation of potash residual heaps”, through the German Federal Foundation for Environment in Osnabrück, the scientific basis for heap recultivation was made. From 1993 until 1996, a research project was implemented under supervision of the K-UTEC Sondershausen and the cooperation of the university Göttingen, the technical university Clauthal, the comprehensive university Kassel as well as the Dr.Schaef+Partner office Freiberg.

The legal basis for the reclamation of the approved by the Thuringian State Mining Authority partial closure plan in conjunction with the special operating plan. Open to waste that match the mapping values ​​of the special operating plan. (Appendix 1)

It’s your waste-we can use it!
For the biological sealing of the heap, the following materials (LAGAZ 1.2) can be used: 

  • Non-contaminated diggings
  • Building site rubble
  • Foundry waste sand
  • Street sweepings
  • Paper sludge
  • Bedding residuals
  • Ash and soil substrate 

approved waste types for heap recultivation

The list for approved types of waste can only be provided in German.