Acceptance guaranty

At the potash residual heap Bleicherode, an acceptance guaranty is offered not less than to the year of 2020.
It has a recycling capacity of more then 400,000 tons per year.


The acceptance of approved waste types takes only place with effective analyses and verifications.
The absolute compliance of delivery terms are constantly observed and monitored from the Thuringian state mining office and the Thuringian state administration office.

Delivered waste undergoes an organoleptic control at the vehicle scale. If the delivery terms are not met, the waste will be refused. The obtained samples are stored for one year in a separate storage room for possible after check.

In addition to the required control analysis from the mining office and the state administrations office, samples are taken to an external lab for analysis.

On the unloading location in the mountain, there is another check of the delivered waste.
All for the rock filling designated waste will be documented in a grid for further references.

Spot check