Mountain filling

Mountain stowing is the bringing in of material into underground mines (hollows) for the protection of the surface. The materials which are used must correspond to general requirements. They must have mineral character and be physical suitable.

MDR TV article seismic event

This post was sent in January 2013 in the Journal MDR Thüringen. He reports on the seismic event of 17. November 2012 and the resulting and continuing work underground. Interface and design were entirely in the hands of the MDR.

NDH-E Mountain filling 2012

A film by Alf Schneider for the NDH disposal operators mbH Bleicherode offset mine. It shows the high level of expenditure, the needs and practices of waste management in the former underground potash mines and Bleicherode Sollstedt.

MDR TV article Mountain filling

This article was written in April, 2006. It reports about mountain stowing as of that date. Editing and design remained in control of the MDR. Some wordings are more populism.

Impressionen Miner's association Bleicherode